Thank you for visiting our store. We hope you will visit often as we try to add new items on a weekly basis. Feel free to contact me if you are looking for a specific treasure - I may have it in stock or will be happy to find for you on my travels. My main passion - at the moment - is Victorian jewelry but that can change! There are so many wonderful antique and vintage objects waiting for the right buyer. English charm bracelets and charms are pretty big on my list too!
As you can see from our shop, many of the items we sell are from Scotland and England. We try to get over there to visit family and friends once a year. While there, we attempt to visit antiques faires and shops to find items for our shop. We have become friends with many of the dealers and they would be happy to find that elusive treasure you are looking for. They are mostly small time dealers like us and we enjoy meeting up with them each year.
At other times we take a trip or two up the California coast hoping to find something exciting and unusual.